Friday, April 25, 2008

A Quick Note

I've changed the settings for leaving comments as I don't like the spam comments (I don't like Spam either, but that's not important). Every comment that isn't an advertisement will be posted. And I hope for many comments.

My friend is having a pup

Abbie is 31 days old and fits neatly in the palm of a human hand.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My tail moves faster than the eye can see

because here comes Mom.

Now I can get inside and see if I have any messages from after I left the day before...I can also check to see if the receptionist left any biscuits on her desk.


I am too ambitious. Nothing is worse than getting to the office early and realizing you left your keys at home. All you can do is stare at the door.

When someone says something mean...

I give 'em the tongue....

At the end of a long day

even an upbeat dog like me gets a little tired.

In the Office...again

Mom takes me to the office quite a bit. She now trusts me to take the elevator by myself (after all, I am more than 16 months old) and I let myself back into the office when my break is over.